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Carley Nugteren makes 17U Ontario All Star team!

Apr 3rd 2014

Carley Nugteren has added another accomplishment to her volleyball career. As a Woodstock Warrior in 2011 Carley won a 14U National East Silver Medal, 2012 was one of the 6 Woodstock girls that were part of the Region 3 (West) team who won a Bronze medal at the Ontario Games, 2012 Won a National Division I Tier II (9th in Canada) Gold Medal and last year was part of F.C. team that won the National Championships (West) and was chosen for the National All Star team (top 7 of 1200 girls) and this year has been nominated to the Ontario 17U All Star team!!! (only 7 players are chosen out of 700) Way to go Carley! Some of you may know Carley from Summer Camps and as a ref.