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House League Fall 2019

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Tentative Fall 2019 House League Schedule is posted!

Click on calendar "view all" to see all dates. (just up and too the right)

Friday Sept 20th start date! The registration page for Fall 2019 now open!

Early Registration will be $105 for 8 nights this Fall. (just Friday nights)(late registration is $115)

We now only guarantee 8 nights in Fall and Winter instead of 10 due to gym availability, weather cancellations, etc.. Last year the last winter night ended May 17th far too late!)(2019 price will go down $20 with less nights guaranteed)

Early time slot will be extended from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm. (1 hr 30 minutes) Late will remain the same at 1.5 hours. 8:15 pm to 9:45 pm.

Location is CASS. 

We will post how full House league is just in case we hit our limits. 

0% Full (registration link just below)

Youth House League Fall 2019 Sign up!

Youth House League is a a 50/50 roughly for instruction to game time. More instruction younger and more games when older. Youth House League gets the same instruction and coaches as our travel teams which are in Premier at and have in the past two National Silvers!

The games are often 4 on 4 and no one ever sits! So there is lots of game time!

Last session was around 60 kids in Youth House League and offers excellent value of instruction and lots of game play with no sitting off for anyone.



These are the early sign up discounted rate which is in effect until Sept 10th then goes up $10.

Early Group 6:45 pm to 8:25 pm CASS Large Gym (unless you have been approved or registered in the late group in the past you are early group)(you could be moved up later) ($105.00 CAD)

Late Group 8:25 pm to 9:55 pm CASS Large Gym (only allowed if you have been late group in the past) ($105.00 CAD)